Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have hit a home run with Launching A Leadership Revolution. Undeniably insightful, well researched and easy to read, their book is sure to become one of the most influential books written about leadership in recent years. The authors have created this book in order to share the business lessons they have learned and developed during the last 10 years while on the journey of building a successful business.

#Life is too short not to be lived.
Some folks never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity
Reject: what you do if you Ject and it doesn't work the first time.
#Leadership requires the #courage of confrontation.
Leaders are givers and takers: givers of credit and takers of #responsibility and blame.
Just because someone has their own justification for their behavior doesn't mean it's justified.
It's not about Republicans and Democrats. I wish Americans could discuss what is important without the "them" and "us."
International #travel is like adding additional pages to the book of your #life.
Re-post: "You'll Never Figure It All Out" #truth #success
It doesn't TAKE anything to win. Instead it requires that you consistently GIVE your all.
If you're innovative you may hit many dead ends, but the occasional breakthroughs are worth it.
If you had everything you've ever wanted, you wouldn't want it.
If you allow yourself to be down in the dumps, all you'll get is garbage. #attitude
If I knew back then what I know now, I might never have gone through the pain of learning it.
How do you spell #LOVE? T - I - M - E #relationships
Re-post: "The #World Needs Leaders" #leadership
#Happiness is conditional, #joyfulness is not.
Good leaders have #influence because people get caught up in their #vision. #leadership
#Freedom is one of the only privileges that falls victim to the scorn of those who have too long or easily enjoyed it.
Familiarity can easily obscure us to the subtleties of beauty, and nowhere is this likely to be truer than with the ones we love.
If you are too big to follow then you are too small to lead- #LoveLifeLeadership
Every person has a coward and a hero in their soul. - Carlyle - Which one do you take counsel from? #LoveLifeLeadership
I exist for God's glory, not God for my convenience. - Martin Luther #LoveLifeLeadership
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RT @StevenGraffius: #Procrastination is the assassination of #motivation. @Orrin_Woodward #JustDoIt #lovelifeleadership
"Rough waters are truer tests of leadership. In calm water every ship has a good captain." —Swedish proverb #LoveLifeLeadership
Debt causes a person, company, or government to run up a down escalator - Kill debt and turn off escalator working against you!
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After crosses and losses, people grow humbler and wiser. - Franklin - Are you growing through your crosses and losses? #LoveLifeLeadership
Rest not! Life is seeping by; go & dare before you die. Something mighty and sublime leave behind 2 conquer time- Goethe #LoveLifeLeadership
Satisfied customers always become the best advertisement for you company's business. Go beyond satisfied to amazed! #LoveLifeLeadership
RT~@RascalTweets A successful, happy, contributing life comes from proper 'personal management. #LoveLifeLeadership
True leadership is a revolutionary course b/c it constantly attacks the status quo. No change, no leadership. #LoveLifeLeadership
Authentic #Free Enterprise is about #giving & then receiving. #Security is in your ability to give more than you receive consistently. #Lead
One of the leaders main assignments is to impart belief into others that they are worthy of success. #LoveLifeLeadership
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The authors are making a donation equal to 100% of all the advances and royalties they receive for this edition to All Grace Outreach in Flint, Michigan. Learn more about All Grace Outreach charity ...CLICK HERE