Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have hit a home run with Launching A Leadership Revolution. Undeniably insightful, well researched and easy to read, their book is sure to become one of the most influential books written about leadership in recent years. The authors have created this book in order to share the business lessons they have learned and developed during the last 10 years while on the journey of building a successful business.

Properly served, your customers should not only be your biggest fans, but your biggest evangelists.
People love themselves and condemn others' sins. Instead we should condemn our own sins and love others.
Our privileges aren't for our pleasure but for our purpose.
One of the most entertaining of human behaviors is passionate ignorance.
Older folks: those we see and think we'll never be. Until they're staring back at thee!
No one cares that the world isn't fair until it isn't fair to them.
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My favorite thing to do is something new.
Most of us spend our time as if it wasn't worth anything.
Many people have scrambled nest eggs.
Long term relationships are a mark of character. How well do you do in keeping and enriching yours?
Leadership is daring, caring, and sharing.
Laughter is a bonding agent.
Jumping on a bandwagon is more popular than trying to stop one.
It takes a courageous leader to surround him/herself with hardheaded, critical thinkers.
It is a tendency among fallen man to try and fit the scriptures to his life instead of the other way around.
Indecision wastes time.
If you quit when you fail, you will fail because you quit.
If you don't change direction, you'll end up where you're headed.
If taken properly, losing creates the hunger to win again.
#TLYAW The Power of Fun- Chris Brady
Challenges are the food for leaders. America is offering a full buffet for prospective leaders. #TYLAW
Happiness is not accomplished thru direct pursuit, but is realized indirectly by consistent progress towards your life's purpose. #TYLAW
Advancing in leadership is like climbing a mountain. The higher you climb; the more you should, and others will, watch your steps. #TYLAW
#TLYAW Life Features Golden Rascal Winner, Christine Webster
Focus everyday on closing the gap between the person you are and the person you want to be. #TYLAW
Reading is the secret to fast advancement. -Chris Brady #TLYAW
LIFE cares more about what you become than what you buy - Financially Free!
Investing in Whose Kingdom? - ONElife Church
RT @HartmannLIFE: Our happiness comes from within us, not from others. #perspective #tlyaw
RT @kristinemili: Anyone can find the problems!!!!! It's the leader who identifies the problem AND finds the solution! @Laurie_Woodward
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#TYLAW Courage and Humility
If you want to move on in life, replace bad habits that hold you back with better ones that propel you forward - Give up to Go Up! #TLYAW
As a leader, does your team feel better about themselves and their abilities to get the job done after associating with you? #TLYAW
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The authors are making a donation equal to 100% of all the advances and royalties they receive for this edition to All Grace Outreach in Flint, Michigan. Learn more about All Grace Outreach charity ...CLICK HERE