"(...) enjoyed reading it [Launching a Leadership Revolution]. I respect the approach you have taken to address key leadership issues."
Tim Tassopoulous, Senior Vice President, Operations, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

"Insightful, impeccably organized, well researched, and the best book on mentoring available anywhere, Launching a Leadership Revolution is exactly the kind of leadership training so desperately needed in the country."
Ohio Congressman Bob McEwen, Six term member of the U.S. House of Representatives and member of House Select Committee on Intelligence

"In my life I have heard many people use the word ‘Leader’ to describe the characteristics of a particular person. It seems to be a word that can be used at will to explain almost anyone. After reading and studying Launching a Leadership Revolution, I believe anyone will have a much clearer understanding of what true leadership really is. Not only will they think differently about the word when it is used to describe others, but they will have an excellent blueprint to improve their own leadership abilities and also to recognize and develop it in others."
Billy Florence, CEO and Founder of Ameliorate Inc., Johnny Carino’s Restaurant Ownership Group

"The major themes and recommendations in Launching a Leadership Revolution rung true based on my personal experiences during 40 years of wearing the USAF uniform. This is an excellent primer for aspiring leaders and a great review for those who are experienced. The book is also an excellent tool for those who are mentoring emerging leaders. It was an easy read and quite enjoyable."
William J. Begert, Four Star General and Commander, Pacific Air Forces (USAF, Ret.); current Vice President of Military Engines, Pratt Whitney

"A terrific new approach to how you can dramatically improve your leadership skills."
Donald T. Phillips, Bestselling author of the classic Lincoln on Leadership

"A Home run...a significant contribution to the field of leadership and leadership development. This well-researched book will become a staple in the library of any serious student of leadership."
James Hunter, Author of The Servant and The World's Most Powerful Leadership Principle

"One can't become a good leader until they take their God given talents, learn the basics of leadership, and practice, practice and practice. Launching a Leadership Revolution helps provide a roadmap for that kind of leadership development."
Dick Posthumus, President and CEO of Compactico Inc., Senate Majority Leader of Michigan 1991-1998, Lieutenant Governor of Michigan 1999-2003

"Brady and Woodward offer a detailed examination of what defines a leader, the qualities necessary to fulfilling the role and the common path previous leaders have traveled toward achieving personal greatness. Initially self-published, this effort follows up the duo's earlier bestselling effort, Leading the Consumer Rebellion. Contending that "each of us has a natural wellspring of talent and ability buried within" and will eventually be thrust into a moment requiring leadership skills, they lay the groundwork for being prepared to perform when that opportunity arises. The leadership concepts are strengthened by anecdotes like one involving the New England Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady, who led his team to three Super Bowl wins despite a resounding lack of confidence in his ability to do so. But quotes on leadership from sources as diverse as Mark Twain and golfer Tiger Woods, often three and four to a paragraph, can get distracting. The authors also occasionally get carried away with charting their concepts and awkward metaphors (e.g., driving against the "traffic of mediocrity"; avoiding the "shoulder of frustration"). But overall, this manual is one from which any potential leader-whether of a country, corporation or a small staff—could draw insight.
Publishers Weekly

"In a fast-paced world filled with many challenges and opportunities, Chris Brady and Orin Woodward remind us that the essential leadership assets are within us. Launching a Leadership Revolution connects the wisdom of great minds in our history with the key principles needed to launch a leadership revolution in the 21st century. I'm excited to be a part of the revolution!"
Jason Barger, Author of Step Back from the Baggage Claim

Brady and Woodward teach that everyone will be called upon for leadership at some point in their life. They then turn leadership upon its head, noting that while many people seek leadership for the perceived benefits of power, control, or perks, the true life of a leader is actually built upon "giving power (empowering)...helping others fix problems...and serving others. Leaders lead for the joy of creating something bigger than themselves."
Oliver Demille, Author of “A Thomas Jefferson Education”